The Maiden Post

I’m pretty opinionated and a wee bit frustrated with Girl Scouts USA right now. I’m short on time, so this blog won’t be too busy, except when I’m wanting info or wanting to share info or really frustrated.  I may use it to rant, or brag, hopefully mostly to share great ideas. Ideally, I’d love to do some giveaways too!

My background: Two years as a Tagalong, 13 years as a Girl Scout (but “only” earned my Silver award), 2 years as a Brownie/Junior Community Troop leader before I had my own kids, and now in my first year of leading my own daughter’s Daisy troop. I’m also a School Organizer for our Service Unit and trying to resist taking on a Community Troop to get people off the Waiting List. I have been a member of 5 councils, Girl Scouts of the Pacific (now of Hawaii), Carolina Low Country Girl Scouts (now GS of Eastern SC), GS Council of the Nation’s Capitol, Girl Scouts Colonial Coast, and now Girl Scouts – Texas Oklahoma Plains. 


We live on the border of GS-TOP and GS North East Texas, so we participate in a lot of GSNETX events.


I also have a Cub Scout so might occasionally spout off about the wonders of their awesome program.


Thank you for following my blog. You never know what will be the topic I choose to cover!!

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